core cutting in dubai Equipped with the newest innovative technology, we provide hassle-free core cutting services in Dubai, UAE. Our skilled workers pay special attention to limit vibration, drill through ferroconcrete block and asphalt of any depth and thickness, even within limited or confined spaces. We, at Dubai Services undertake and complete a spread of economic, residential and industrial concrete coring projects successfully and you'll always calculate us for any kind of coring or drilling requirements. Discover More Dubai Core Cutting Services Demolition Companies Our focus is on ensuring that our clients within the construction field get to profit from equipment and qualified operators that increase their productivity and contribute towards maximising their competitive advantage. Whether you're curious about acquiring the services of a concrete cutting company, need concrete slab cutting services, or require specialised equipment like demolition robots , as trusted core cutting contractors in Dubai, we are here to supply it all. Discover More Dubai, UAE If you're trying to find a contractor for quality core cutting in Dubai and UAE, you've got reached the proper place! Dubai servicing avails a good array of services like asphalt sawing, exterior or interior concrete coring, decorative sawing, and selective demolition. We create clean, dust-free surfaces to avoid the formation of any debris which may cause damage during future use. Discover More Dubai Concrete Cutting Companies Concrete Rebar 3D GPRS Scanning ubai Services offers 2D and 3D GPR concrete scanning and wall scanning across the UAE. We can provide with our integrated partners and sources both 2D and 3D images that are easy to interpret, allowing non-destructive testing to take place prior to any drilling, sawing or coring. Dubai Services are at the forefront of the structural investigation and analysis of steel reinforcement in reinforced concrete structures Discover More Dubai

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    Welcome to Core Cutting Contractors In Dubai

    The Core Cutting Companies  In Dubai and Diamond Drilling Division of Dubai servicing is completely dedicated to providing you with an environmentally friendly and fewer aggressive alternative to the normal methods of demolition. Concrete Cutting works both independently and hand in hand with our Demolition contractor, providing valuable advice on concrete cutting, core cutting and diamond drilling, also as technical support, a huge selection of up to date machinery and competent operators.

    Limited Space, Environmental Considerations? How we will Help You…

    Typical applications of Concrete Cutting apply when working in confined spaces like basements, where access for conventional machinery would present a drag or indeed where emissions from diesel engines would prove unacceptable.

    Core Cutting In Dubai & UAE

    core cutting in dubai

    Core Cutting Services in Dubai

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    Core Cutting Companies In Dubai

    Precision concrete cutting, core cutting and diamond drilling is invaluable when working adjacent to Party Walls and Retained Structures which dictate care and a vibration free environment. When sound pollution may be a major consideration for you, Concrete Cutting and diamond drilling is fast and virtually silent machinery enabling work to continue and your deadlines to be met. Our incredibly efficient and price effective fleet of remote robotic excavators is electro-hydraulically powered, allowing work to proceed within the smallest of areas, with no harmful fumes and intentionally , removing the operator from any hazardous situations. Should you need any longer information or help regarding concrete cutting, core cutting and drilling, diamond drilling, track sawing or our demolition contractors, please call us on +971565630059. We work with a good sort of customers, from building owners, utilities, small builders to major construction groups – all of whom have come to value our investment in plant and other people . We offer support on new build contracts and on specialist projects, like factories, electrical sub stations, restaurants, office to flat conversions, rooftop and basement extensions. We are noted particularly for our techniques in sensitive environments. Please take a while to ascertain m at the services we offer then contact us to see how we will assist on your next project.


    Whether you would like a micro-size hole or a deep sawing through concrete, we concentrate on accurate diamond cutting services for diverse applications. we offer diamond concrete cutting services to both completed and ongoing construction projects. Our diamond cutting contractor can assist you affect drilling, cutting and sawing requirement of any kind in your refurbishment project.

    Concrete Cutting Companies In Dubai

    Whether you would like cutting for indoor or outdoor, our diamond concrete cutting experts can ensure optimal performance altogether situations. Here at Dubai Servicing, we’ve a fanatical team of diamond concrete cutting specialists who are highly experienced, skilled and qualified enough to use the newest diamond cutting technology available out there. With the most office in Dubai, we cater to clients based within the whole UAE, Country. We are keen to figure on a diamond concrete cutting project from any a part of the Arab country. What stands us apart is our commitment to constant learning, staying in tune with the newest technology and equipment of cutting, and evolving because the best diamond cutting contractor within the Dubai.


    As a number one diamond concrete cutting services provider company within the Dubai, we adapt to diamond cutting equipment and techniques that are fast, dust-free, noise-free and fume-free. Simply put, we ensure environment-friendly cutting services through concrete and the other construction material. Our Diamond concrete cutting professionals can traverse any thickness of ferroconcrete during a precise way, within the desired shape and size. Diamond cutting may be a highly versatile, environment-friendly and affordable method of removing large sections in structures without causing any damage to the encompassing area of the structure.


    Here are a number of the key benefits you’ll expect once you prefer to hire our diamond concrete cutting services.

    • 10 years experience as diamond cutting and drilling specialist serving customers of all sizes in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and every one big cities of UAE, Country.
    • Fully trained and authorized diamond cutting professionals in house
    • Quality work assured whenever you call us out for your concrete cutting and drilling needs.
    • We ensure quick, reliable and dedicated concrete cutting service.
    • We are an ISO certified company with a CSCS accredited staff.
    • We have the foremost advanced diamond cutting equipment.
    • We are trusted by many engineers and contractors within .the Dubai housing industry.

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