wall cutting Dubai UAE

Wall Cutting Services In Dubai

We are the best wall cutting services in Dubai. Demolition Core Cutting Dubai are able to remove large sections of concrete using diamond-studded wires. Wire sawing concrete is a special technique that allows the cutting and removal of huge segments of concrete, for example on bridges or reinforced columns.

Wire sawing is a versatile method of cutting concrete, as the wires can be extended to increase the cutting length. Its also the technique of choice for areas with restricted access and was recently used to cut doorways and windows into concrete tanks, allowing them to be repurposed into workshops.

Wall Cutting Dubai

There are several methods of concrete wall cutting, and Demolition Core Cutting Dubai team of professional concrete experts will choose the best one to suit your job requirements.

We have widely experience using concrete wall cutting , wall saws, wire saws, and currently working to add on floor saws and concrete ring saws to our expertise. We are experts in wall cutting concrete to various depths, and our hand-held saws are well-suited for working in confined spaces.

Our concrete wall sawing capability guarantees the minimum of noise and mess on site. We have even used our concrete wall cutting machines in a hospital corridor without disturbing patients and staff.

If you need some concrete wall sawing in a challenging environment, or you are project managing a construction job that needs Demolition Core Cutting Dubai expertise, give the Concrete Experts a call on 0565630059.

wall cutting Dubai UAE
wall cutting Dubai UAE

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